Memorial Day

Having a good trip to St. Louis.  Spent some time traveling through the city, saw some ballgames all while continuing with my studies.  No break from them I am afraid!  Traveling home tomorrow and back to work, but have really enjoyed this alone time away from the daily grind to reflect. 

Happy days to all.
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Posting more frequently

I am writing this post to beg the lovely besame_bj to allow me to be her friend and read her fiction because I know that it will be great reading.  I hereby make the following promises.  I promise to comment frequently on any fiction that I read and post more frequently on this site in the future.  I love all things brian/justin and QAF and about both Gale and Randy and love reading fiction.  Works that I have read are

I realize that this is a shameless begging post, but I am willing to do whatever it takes!  (with a grateful smile :)  ) 

My birthday is July 21, 1959 

Thank you for reading my shameless plug for friends!
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Reading and Friends

To my livejournal friends, who don't even know that they are my friends:

I don't know what happened.  I understand it had something to do with a drawing and everyone is moving or leaving or hiding their QAF fiction, which I have come to love.  Reading all the QAFcreative works that LJers are doing has become my favorite hobby.  Don't go away, but if you do, take me with you.  I want to friend so many of you and I don't know how.  I will try to learn, and try to be more communicative and not be a voyeur.  Many of you I have been reading for several years and I realize that I have been quiet too long.  I will try to friend you and hope you friend me back.  I'll tell you everything.

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